Programs and Services

We provide

One-week programs on "Innovating Governance" in Vienna focusing on promoting a dialogue on governance affairs among individuals who can help shape and innovate the future of their public institutions and accordingly, of their countries. Participants of the program are from the public sector primarily, however, the program is open to private and non-profit sectors representatives working on governance issues as well. Most participants have achieved impressive professional success and have the potential to obtain even greater leadership roles in governance both in their organizations, countries and the world.

"Future of Governance" CLUB in Vienna - it meets once in three months and is open to anyone interested to contribute to the topics, share views and reflections, papers, most recent research, and approaches. We will get back soon with more details about our first meeting.

Annual face-to-face meetings of the members of the Community of Experts (focused on specific skills building, peer knowledge and sharing among members). We are looking to extend our experts' community and broaden it so that it is as inclusive, gender balanced, regionally balanced, and covers all the emerging thematic areas of the GOVERNANCE.

Coaching - online and face-to-face coaching, particularly to government reformers. We will get back shortly with more details about this Program.