UNECE Roadmap on Innovation and TechTransfer of Moldova: Diaspora

August 4th, 2022 UNECE Roadmap on Innovation and TechTransfer of Moldova: Focus Group 2- Diaspora

As part of the National Programme in the Field of Research and Innovation 2024-2027, the Ministry of Education and Research (MER) is leading the development of a Roadmap for Technology Transfer and Innovation in Moldova. This road map will address some of the short term Recommendations made in the 2022 UNECE Innovation for Sustainable Development Review (I4SDR) of Moldova[1].

To develop the Roadmap, three focus groups are being formed.

On August 4th, Focus Group 3: ‘Diaspora’ had a two hours meeting, during which the following Recommendations (R) and associated Strategic Goals (SG) were discussed:

R 6.2.1: Integrate diaspora engagement across relevant policy areas through policy documents and programmes.

SG1: Diaspora engagement reflected in policy documents (e.g. NDS)

R 6.4.1: Establish the DSG under the auspices of the DRB and with support from consulates abroad to streamline scientific collaboration

SG2: Diaspora Science Group (DSG) established and functioning well

R 6.5.4: Enhance and maintain trust in diaspora policy development through systematic engagement with diaspora members, including clear and transparent policy mechanisms and implementation tools

SG3: Diaspora engaged at various stages of the innovation policy cycles, including at the local level.

The main objective of the focus group meeting is to identify enablers and barriers that may support or prevent the goals from being reached. We will also be discussing appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to measure each goal. The outcome of the meeting will be an action plan for the MER that will enable each goal to be realistically and measurably achieved over the next 2-3 years.

Veronica Cretu of the Task Force was invited to this Focus Group Meeting.