Lucian Mutoi

Lucian holds a Bachelor's degree in Economics and Management from Ca' Foscari University of Venice. His profound interest in why people do not always behave rationally, as decision-makers and policymakers often expect, led him to broaden his knowledge in the field of behavioural science. He is currently a postgraduate student in Behavioural Science for Management at University of Stirling in Scotland where he has learned how to use evidence-based practices to design more efficient interventions. In a recent experiment, in collaboration with the Municipality of Rome and an international team of scientists, we have tested the impact of several messages on the attitudes towards self-isolation during COVID-19 outbreak among the Italian population. The results of the study helped the national authorities to design a communication campaign which was based on scientific evidence. He continues to collaborate with the Behavioural Insights Team in Rome on projects mostly oriented to sustainable mobility in the city of Rome.

During his undergraduate studies he volunteered for AIESEC, an UN partner, which provides young people with leadership development, cross-cultural internships, and global volunteer exchange experiences. He also had the chance to spend 3 months in Bangkok as an Intern at the Thai-Italian Chamber of Commerce. The experience in Thailand enriched his cultural awareness and developed his self-reliance. After his undergraduate studies he had spent 6 months as a Marketing Intern at Porsche Italia where he gathered valuable working experience in the private sector and learned about the automotive sector.

He is a native speaker of Romanian and native-like of Italian. He is also fluent in English and intermediate in Russian. He enjoys working in multidisciplinary teams and believes it is the only way we can design innovative and successful solutions to the very complex challenges we are facing today. He is skeptical of disciplines that are making recommendations on their own.

As a behavioural scientist, Lucian embraces the perspective that cost and benefits are deeply related to how people behave and the behaviour is driven by what people believe.