Marijana Ilic

Marijana Ilic is our junior member at Innovative Governance. She is a native speaker of German and Croatian. She has recently graduated from the University of Vienna with a Master’s degree in English and French Studies. Therefore, she is a fluent speaker of four languages. She has completed her studies within the framework of the Teacher Education Programme and is thus a fully trained and skilled teacher.

In the course of her studies, she has profoundly worked on topics such as bi- and multilingualism and possibilities to use all available linguistic resources in the language classroom, (language) attitudes and their relevance to language learning, (cultural) stereotypes and the relationship between language and identity. Her diploma thesis included a field study on the multilingual practice in the bilingual Swiss city of Fribourg/Freiburg that essentially concentrated on the linguistic and cultural self-perception of the minority language speakers and its influence on the city’s linguistic practice.

Marijana has spent two years abroad during her studies, working as a German language assistant in French-speaking Switzerland and in Croatia. Particularly, her work there consisted of preparing and conducting lessons, creating teaching materials and motivating students coping with difficulties. The job required above all language and pedagogical knowledge, but organisational, improvisational, (self-)motivational and interpersonal skills were also crucial.

Her lifelong interest in languages, cultures and education have always led her in her decisions related to education and jobs. Therefore, after spending last year teaching German and English to nursery-school children, Marijana has gained practical teaching experience with all age groups, from young children to adults.

Marijana will contribute to our capacity building programs and activities in Vienna.