Veronica Cretu (co-author)

Handbook on Transparency and Citizen Participation

This document has been produced as part of a project co-funded by the European Union and the Council of Europe.

This Handbook on transparency and citizen participation in the Republic of Moldova is aimed at local authorities, mayors, local councillors and civil servants, to support them in their efforts to improve the quality of local governance in their villages, towns and cities. The Handbook will provide local authorities with practical guidelines on transparency and citizen participation, identifying the relevant international standards and national legislation, and providing case-law examples and best practices which it recommends be applied and promoted by all Moldovan local authorities.

Veronica Cretu, Co-author of the Beginner’s Guidebook on Open Government, part of the - a digital resource developed by and for open government leaders working to strengthen approaches in transparency, accountability and participation. The resource offers a Facilitator Guide to manage multi-stakeholder conversations, and a Library of co-created processes.", Engine Room, 2017/2018