Veronica Lupu

Veronica Lupu

Veronica Lupu is legal expert, coordinator of the legal program on protection of women's rights, Director of the Center for Research of trafficking in Human beings. Also is partner and member of the European Learning Alliance International Law of Youth.

She working in the field of international human rights protection for over 30 years, with a specific focus on human security. Veronica is recognized as a leading legal partner, working with the UN Women, European Network of Migrant Women, and companies providing high-quality legal and policy services. Veronica is known as an independent expert in many programs implemented by PPP, OSCE ODIHR being involved in many international and national projects. She has various experience in teaching Law in the college, especially, International Law in conflicts regions.

Veronica has led numerous comparative and large-scale research, and litigated high-profile cases before the Criminal Court of Justice of Moldova. Has conducted missions of negotiation, cooperation with law enforcement bodies, state institutions, for representation and repatriation of victims of different crimes from different countries such as Poland, Turkey, Russia, United Arab Emirates, illegally imprisoned.

Veronica is a Ph.D. student in the field of the rights of victims of crime Academy of Sciences and Master in Political Science.

Veronica is now conducting program which aims at providing legal assistance to the refugees of the Ukraine war and migrant women’s rights access to justice.

Veronica is based in Romania.