Lubomir Tomik

Mr Tomik is the Managing Director at the Center for Energy Systems – CESys Ltd. Trnava, Slovakia. In this position, he is responsible for the company project acquisition and project implementation.

He achieved Dipl.Engineer at Czech Technical University in Prague 1987, as Nuclear engineer.

His carrier started as Control room operator in Nuclear Power plant Bohunice, than he works as Nuclear safety inspector responsible for Probabilistic safety Assessment of operated units.

He has more than 15 years of experience with Energy Security, Safety and Efficiency projects in the EU, Slovakia, Croatia, Czech Republic, Ukraine, Switzerland, USA, but most of them has been carried in Slovakia.

He has extensive experience as Team Leader, Project Manager and key/senior expert in the fields of Energy security, safety and Efficiency. He is an expert in executing feasibility studies including financial and economic analysis in projects on energy (electric power stations, wind power, biomass, gas, oil, LPG and energy related issues) and climate change issues. With those activities he is also organizing Energy congress in Slovakia ENKO, which is providing platform for disseminating of New Energy Technologies in Slovakia. He act there as a chairman.

He has proven to be a team player and a team leader in the course of a wide variety of projects including project related with RES from EU and US DoE. He is very experienced to work in an interdisciplinary and a multicultural context. He demonstrated his leadership and communication skills while managing teams in different companies and due to the multiple contacts with different kind of clients and press. Lubomir has extensive experience as developer for training modules for Energy fields, Energy security, Energy Efficiency and other relevant areas. He has designed, implemented and evaluated training programs.

He is expert in various software tools for Energy Efficiency and audits developed to evaluate projects and actions in energy efficiency in Slovak Railway company, which is the biggest electricity consumer among companies in Slovakia. He has strong knowledge in energy technologies and active in related markets in Slovakia. He has all experiences and authorization in energy audits and energy studies including performance certificates and he was actively involved in 7 energy audits. He was performing several energy audits.

Wide experience with principal legal basis in EU

  • Senior energy expert for OSCE, Virtual reality training center for protection of Energy Networks

· Advisory services for Distribution companies, and Power Utilities

· Energy simulation modelling, Energy efficiency, Training, for Ministries and OECD

· Management of international energy projects under EU support funds

· Energy saving applications in planning and realisation of electricity networks

· Research, development and application of the energy related legislation procedures

· IAEA/ANL Interregional Training Course on of Research Reactors and Other Small Nuclear Facilities given at the Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois, U.S.A., 2003

· Project Regional Training centre for energy application, IAEA, Wienna, 2002

· Participation on IAEA project in Vinca Institute, Belgrade, Serbia and Monte Negro , 2003

· Argonne national labs USA, Energy Accident management, 1994