Bart Scheffers

Bart Scheffers

Bart is an independent consultant working with civil society, international organizations and the private sector on public sector integrity and anti-corruption. Earlier, he worked for the Open Society Foundations, the International Anti-Corruption Academy (IACA), as well as for several financial institutions in the Netherlands.

Among others, he evaluates open contracting and budgeting commitments under the Dutch OGP action-plan and researched how national executive budget proposals are in line with best practices and recommendations such as from the International Budget Partnership. As a grant-maker, he worked with several initiatives to increase budget transparency and oversight. Mr. Scheffers, who studied political science and human rights, speaks English, Romanian, Dutch, and German.

He is a member of the International Advisory Board of SceMaps, an EU-funded initiative combining qualitative and quantitative tools to develop an integrated risk assessment tool aimed at mitigating integrity risks in public sector spending.

Eurasia experience: During his time at IACA, Mr. Scheffers has drafted and implemented training curricula for a number of Eurasian audiences, for instance for representatives of chambers of commerce from the Eurasian Economic Union, the Independent Authority Against Corruption of Mongolia, and the National Anticorruption Centre (CNA) of Moldova.

Bart is currently based in Vienna.