Dorina Baltag

Dorina Baltag, Independent Research Consultant & Founder of Noroc Olanda

Dr. Dorina Baltag is a postdoctoral researcher with over a decade of professional experience in higher education institutions in the United Kingdom and the Netherlands. She currently holds a visiting researcher position at the Institute for Diplomacy & International Governance at Loughborough University-London. She specializes in various areas, including the European Union's democratization agenda, EU diplomacy in Eastern Europe, Eastern partnership countries, migration, and diaspora. Her research has been published in international academic journals and has made significant contributions to publications such as the “Routledge Handbook on the ENP’ (Routledge, Oxford), ‘External Governance as Security Community Building’ (Palgrave, London), and the co-edited book ‘The European Union and Central and Eastern Europe: Assessing Performance’ (Routledge, Oxford). This year the international consortium she led released the special issue ‘The European Union and its Eastern Partnership neighbours—a framework to evaluate performance’ (Springer, New York).

Outside academia, Dr. Baltag actively engages in stakeholder engagement activities, transferring her knowledge to different communities of practice. She played a crucial role as the lead consultant in the European Union project, EUDIF (EU Diaspora Facility Instrument), through which the Practical Roadmap on Piloting Diaspora Coworking Hub in the Higher Education Sector in Moldova was developed. In 2012 she founded Noroc Olanda, a Moldovan diaspora organization, through which she is sharing expertise on topics such as migration and brain gain, community development and citizen diplomacy, problem-based and networked learning, research and development, and advocacy and networking. And since 2022, she co-leads the Diaspora for Excellence in Education & Research, a cross-diaspora network, providing guidance on engagement with Moldovan actors in higher education.

The awards she has received, such as: Think Visegrad (2021/2022), Excellence 100 (2019/2021), Diversity & Inclusivity (2018/2019), Innovation Projects (2016/2017), Marie Curie Fellowship (2012/2014), speak of her academic rigor and professional merits.

Dorina is currently based in the Hague, the Netherlands.