Sergio Guzmán

Sergio Guzmán is the Director of Colombia Risk Analysis, a political risk consultancy. He provides business intelligence, security and political risk analysis for the Andean region. His expertise is in the Colombian conflict, the resolution of international conflicts and international development. He is a columnist for the Bogotá Post and Latin America Reports where he provides analysis to understand the evolution of the political and security context of Colombia and the region. Sergio also contributes articles and analysis in the Economist Intelligence Unit, America’s Quarterly, and Business Insider. ​

Before founding Colombia Risk Analysis, Sergio was the principal analyst for Colombia, Bolivia, and Suriname at Control Risks where he was an international consultant in political and security risks. Prior to that, Sergio worked in the microfinance industry for Accion International, where he was part of a team of global specialists promoting fair lending practices and standards in a project called The Smart Campaign.

Sergio also has experience working for the US Congress and regional think tanks, such as the Inter-American Dialogue and the Institute for Policy Studies, both located in Washington DC.

Sergio holds a Master's degree in International Economics and International Relations from the School of Advanced International Studies at Johns Hopkins University, and a Bacheleors in International Relations and History from the George Washington University. His native language is Spanish, he is fluent in English and is proficient in Portuguese. Sergio has spoken at numerous regional and international conferences on issues of political economy, finance, consumer protection, anti-corruption, and international relations.