Innovating Governance

Innovating GOVERNANCE - a platform for fast learning and soft skills building, sharing experiences and innovation for better governance through learning, collaboration and experimentation.

Innovating GOVERNANCE Association is a non-profit organisation based in Vienna, Austria and addresses a wide spectrum of  thematic areas and issues

We operate under Austrian Law, and our registration number is ZVR-Zahl 000073385

Participatory governance and Open Government (including local open government practices), Co-creation of Public Policies and Citizen Participation; 

Data Governance and Artificial Intelligence

Environmental & Energy policy

Infrastructure planning

Sustainable development &  Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL). 

Our work on AI and Data Governance 

We focus on leveraging AI to enhance data governance frameworks, ensuring that data-driven technologies are developed and deployed responsibly, ethically, and sustainably.  Our work spans several key areas:

By integrating multidisciplinary expertise and collaborating with global partners, we aim to create robust, adaptable governance models that support the positive impact of AI on society. 

This event held exceptional significance, especially in light of the EU Enlargement package announcements declared on November 8th, 2023, by the European Commission. Additionally, it gained greater importance in anticipation of the week of December 15, 2023, when it is hoped that the EU accession negotiations will commence. 

Moldova4EU Diaspora Task Force in close collaboration with Embassy of the Republic of Moldova to the Republic of Austria, is organizing an important event on November 24, 2023, dedicated to Moldova's progress towards its EU Integration Journey. For more, visit: 

Innovating Governance Association hosts the Moldova4EU Diaspora Task Force

The aim of this exercise is to provide representatives of the Moldovan Diaspora with a platform that allows them to engage in mapping relevant EU practices, cases, expertize as well as transfer the know-how back to Moldovan based institutions. These efforts are part of supporting Moldova's journey towards the European Union. Learn more about this initiative here

Digital Space Empowered by Open and Innovative Governance

Veronica Cretu of Innovating Governance Association moderated a captivating opening panel discussion, titled "Digital Space Empowered by Open and Innovative Governance," at the recent Tallin Digital Summit, September 5th, 2023. With esteemed panelists from the United States, Czech Republic, Moldova, and Poland, alongside industry experts, the session delved into the transformative potential of open governance in our rapidly evolving digital world. Topics ranged from defining open governance to harnessing technology for innovation and addressing future challenges. If you missed the live event, you can catch all the enlightening discussions and forward-thinking ideas in the full video recording provided by the organizers.

Taking stock off the discussions around Data Governance and AI Capacity Building in the context of securing meaningful commitments on transparency, participation and redress – which took place during the Design Lab on Data and AI Governance, September 4 th 2023, in Tallinn, organized by Connected by Data team.

The value of public debates and participatory decision making in young democracies (the case of Moldova) 
Live interview between Veronica Cretu, Co-Chair of the Moldovan Coordination Committee, and Prime Minister of Moldova, Mrs Natalia Gavrilita
Moldova4EUDiasporaTaskForce (membrii din Vienna) susține Adunarea Națională „Moldova Europeană”